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LIMS Orthopaedic Services

A unique orthopedic concept that was founded in 2007. We specialise in various custom made orthopaedic braces as well as off the shelf orthopaedic Soft good Products for various applications.

Located in the Magalieskruin suburb in Pretoria, our practice aims to provide professional orthotic and prosthetic services to the greater Gauteng area, through individual consultation and custom made devices that suit the unique needs of our clients and patients. In addition to the above, we also offer pre-made products to suit a variety of lifestyles.

Our vision is to provide a quality lifestyle product that is easily available, of excellent quality and designed to suite our clients or patients’ unique needs.

Diagnosis With Precision
Examination of symptoms using latest technologies
We aim to provide our patients and clients with the latest diagnostic technology with regards to adaptive creation and fitment of orthotic and prosthetic devices.
Foot Rescue
Providing everything you need to keep your feet healthy
From Burning heels to Plantar Fascistic  diabetic fee and poor circulation, our comprehensive approach to foot care may be the solution you are looking for.
Postoperative assisted devices
assisted devices for patients
Back surgery? Hernia repair? Have you consulted with your orthopaedic surgeon about receiving postoperative care that suits your needs. We provide a range of custom made devices to cater for your unique postoperative needs on your road to recovery.
Hi-Tech Prosthetics
We are dedicated to bring the latest technology
Our prosthetics have made it to the olympics, what can they do for you? Top para-olympic athletes have made us of LIMS orthopaedics services for their prosthetic requirements, imagine what we can do for you?

Meet our team

Jacque Terry – Medical Orthotist Prosthetist
The owner and manager of LIMS Orthopeadic Services have more than 13 years of experience in custom making orthotic and prosthetic devices as well as professional fitment thereof and has been working with para-olympic athletes for more than seven years. 

Zelda Kachelhoffer – Registered Nurse 
With experience in orthopeadic nursing and care, along with 14 years of practical experience, Zelda is also qualified in the professional fitment of post-mastectomy garments. 

Cornè De Boer – Registered Nurse
With specialties in wound care, postoperative and stoma care. 

Jonathan Redelinghuys – Clinical Psychologist 
A clinical psychologist practicing in neuropsychology with experience in post-stroke and neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation.

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Why choose our clinic?

We understand and recognize the sensitivities associated with the fitment and maintenance of Orthotic and Prosthetic requirements. We also offer a range of specialized custom made Orthopaedic braces and all other of the self Orthopaedic Soft good products for various applications. Our products not only provide comfortable, firm support for injured or weak joint, but also reduce the chances of re-injury during activities.

It is our hope that our clinic prompt professional experience that will bring satisfaction to our customers by our dual commitment to both excellent medical Orthotic and Prosthetic care which we facilitate at our Practice as well as conveniently catering for their needs at our retail facility positioning of products / services.

Team of Professionals

We have a qualified team of professionals, ranging from Orthotis, Prosthetis, Wound Care Nurse to Mastectomy care that have years of experience in the field and who has gained business management skills through managing a private practice in the past. We are also fortunate to have a registered Nurse that has been trained in the measurement and fitment of the various products we have available in our retail store.

Who can benefit from these resources:

Every member of the public, patient or just a family member searching for devices or Orthosis needed for treatment of any sport injuries, accidents, pre-and post-operative procedures

  • Medical aids
  • Hospital groups

General Practitioners, Physio Therapists , Occupational Therapists, Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Other Services

A retail facility within a shopping center providing availability of Orthotic and prosthetic / orthopeadic products and services on demand either by the professionals (Surgeon, therapist, nursing staff ) or individual / patient / customer at affordable rates.
We also offer medico legal assessments reports.