Breast Forms

Gentle support for body and soul:

Anita breast forms and compensation aids.

You can only appear self-confident and relaxed if you feel happy in your own skin. Women who have under-gone breast surgery require special support to pick out the threads of their former lives. We at Lims are familiar with your needs in this special situation, and we have the experience and specialist knowledge to help you along the way.

The special features of the Anita care breast forms:

  • They combine a very natural design with super comfort uneven tissue is smoothed and lack of volume is gently compensated. You don’t have to worry that anything squeezes or restricts. Sensitive skin is not irritated. We offer you the solution which best suits your individual needs – you can rely on us.

You can recognize an Anita breast from by the fact that it is unrecognizable.

A true feeling of well-being: The Anita care breast forms and compensation aids are made of a combination of silicone and a polyurethane film. A number of dermatological and physiological test have proven that you can wear your Anita care breast form in your bra or swimsuit without any misgivings, as the silicone and polyurethane are made of natural raw materials. The polyurethane film feels like a second skin. This layer is particularly durable and protects the silicone against the influence of grease, oil, chlorine and salt water.

There are good reasons why Anita has been using silicone for its breast forms for over 40 years. Silicone is very kind to the skin and its weight, softness and movement are very similar to those of the natural breast. The temperature of the material also assumes the body’s temperature very quickly. You will be pleasantly surprised.