DonJoy Braces OA Nano



DonJoy Braces OA Nano

Mighty. Light. Powered by nano MAG™ and DonJoy’s Adjuster™ technology, OA Nano™is the world’s lightest* functional OA knee brace available. Material science collides with innovation to create functional comfort in a lightweight design. The flexibility of the magnesium frame allows for an intimate fit while the revolutionarynano MAG material provides strength tooffload and provide pain relief. OA Nano, for mild to moderate OA, is designed for people to stay active and move freely, making patient compliance a reality.

DJO,Global, maker of DonJoy braces, is located at 1430 Decision Street, Vista CA 92081. For further information on bracing call 800-336-6569.

Reviewers Comments:

“Because of the lightweight design, the brace is not as cumbersome as other heavier braces”

“Additionally users can more easily handle the brace when putting on, removing, or adjusting the brace”

“Users can adjust the load using the Universal OA Key as their daily needs change”


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