Special Bras

The essence of an Anita bra is our devotion to detail.

We go out of the way to make sure that you are comfortable. We focus constantly on improving our products, developing new fabrics and tweaking our designs to ensure the best possible fit.

Our creative team has to combine a number of factors to one harmonious whole: Colors and patterns, lace and embroidery, bands and edging.

New trends, many years of experience, technical expertise and an enthusiastic aesthetic sense enhance the quality of our products and culminate in a bra which not only fits perfectly but also looks elegant and attractive.

The main criterion for quality is your confidence.

Anti care special bras and Anita care breast forms are a perfect combination as they were carefully designed to complement one another. The result is a modern style with optimum functionality.

  1. Sufficiently high-cut neckline for reliable support.
  2. High-cut panel between the cups and  a close-fitting, stretch neckline for optimum breast from accommodation.
  3. Cups designed especially for the Anita Care breast forms and compensation aids.
  4. Stretch straps which are adjustable at the back and become wider in the larger sizes.
  5. Wide, soft under bust band for firm support under the bust and maximum comfort.
  6. High-cut around the arms to cover any scarred tissue.