Medical-LawJacques Terry Medical Orthotic and Prosthetic Services specialise in providing medico-legal assessment and opinion on the need for Orthotic and Prosthetic assistive devices. According to the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) the profession of Medical Orthotics includes the design and/or production of assistive devices intended to restore function or compensate for limitations in the muscular-skeletal system. The profession of Medical Prosthetics includes the design and/or production of assistive devices intended to replace in whole or in part amputated or deformed limbs to restore or improve function.

Our objective at Jacques Terry Medical Orthotic and Prosthetic Services is to provide accurate and concise assessment and opinion of Orthotic and Prosthetic requirements within the medico-legal context in a timely and efficient manner. We aim to provide the most technically up to date Orthotic and Prosthetic opinion on necessary care with careful consideration given to personal needs. We offer comprehensive opinion regarding the coordination of care and one-on-one consultation.

We at Jacques Terry Medical Orthotic and Prosthetic Services provide our services with high ethical and clinical standards in conjunction with professionally accepted principles. We value respect and dignity by providing quality assessment and opinion regardless of race, ethnicity, location or financial background. It is our goal to be the provider of choice to all with medico-legal assessment needs.

Areas of assessment

  • Road Accident Claims;
  • Medical negligence;
  • Medical boarding;
  • Personal injury claims.


We offer assessment and opinion on

  • Orthotic and prosthetic requirements;
  • Ill-fitting prosthetics and orthotic assistive devices;
  • Requirement of home-nursing assistive devices;
  • Vehicle conversions;
  • Wheelchair assessment;
  • Custom and off the shelf bracing;
  • Custom and off the shelf compression garments;
  • Specific orthotic and prosthetic occupational and lifestyle requirements;


When are orthotic and prosthetic assessments usually useful?

The following may necessitate an orthotic and/or prosthetic assessment in medico-legal cases involving injury and/or post-procedure of:

  • Hip replacements;
  • Knee replacements;
  • Amputation or loss of limb;
  • Soft tissue neck and back injuries (including whiplash neck injuries);
  • Spinal injuries;
  • Sciatic nerve injuries or “drop foot” conditions;
  • Paralysis or paresis;
  • Wheelchair bound individuals;
  • Fractures of the tibia/fibula;
  • Traumatic crush injuries of the upper and lower extremities;
  • Hemiparesis or muscle weakness following brain injury or stroke;
  • Deformity of extremities;
  • Musculo-skeletal injuries requiring bracing or conservative treatment;
  • Diabetic complications of upper and lower extremities;
  • Mastectomy or loss of breast tissue;


Company Values

We are committed towards an open governance system whereby our activities are managed and undertaken ethically, transparently and in the interests of all concerned stake holders.



We have highlighted the most obvious concerns and opportunities related to our development of this professional medico-legal practice as focused upon in this proposal.